Should space be the next Human Frontier?

Man has always dreamt of reaching space. Since ancient times humans have been amazed by the beauty of space. Since we humans are imaginative beings, we’ve tried to connect space with myths and fantasies. Modern era bought the rise of machines and as a result the first human space ships or vessels to reach space started to appear. Humanity’s dream of reaching space became reality in the VOSTOK-1 mission by Russia in April 12, 1961 piloted by Russian astronout Yuri Gagarin.
Since then we’ve made countless space missions and spent trillions of dollars in doing so. We made landing on the moon, send rovers on other planets, we made satellites like the ISS etc. We are looking forward to make colonies in other planets now. I personally think this would be a Realty in the upcoming decade or so.
But the question is should we? Yes humanity has made great space voyages, yes we have made incredible discoveries, and yes we have made huge advancements in space exploration technologies, but we also have suffered a lot from these expenditures. Not only many lives are lost in unsuccessful attempts but billiins of dollars are also bieng wasted.
Donald trump's era bought a new division in the US military, the "Space Force" which would ensure the safety of US assets in space. Which i think is ludacris, I believe others will follow US and make their own versions of space force, and a new frontier would be born for humans to kill one another! Have we not learned from the wars of the previous century? The WW1, THE WW2 have we forgotten them?

All these billionaires nowadays saying that space is where we are headed and i personally think if they spend all the billions of dollars they are spending on rockets and space exploration in eco friendly activities such as plantation or building technologies that benifit the environment, or helping the poor we won't be talking about alternative earths.

In my opinion all those brilliant minds working in space organizations should be working on how to make the earths a better place, not to look for alternatives. News flash "THERE IS NO OTHER EARTH", if we want to survive as a race we need to work on technologies that benifit us, and also the nature, the environment etc.
If we do not work on existing problems i think it would be quite impossible to live on Earth, and we barely survived the last ice age about 10,000 years ago.
In conclusion, i think we need to prioritize things which are crucial for our survival and growth and work on them in our best capacity.