Climate change
Climate change is the gradual change in temperature due to human and non human activities.When climate change occurs; temperatures can increase a dramatically. When temperature rises, many different changes can occur on Earth. For example, it can result in more floods, droughts, storms or intense rain, as well as severe heat waves.As these changes frequently occur in future decades, they will likely present challenges to our society and environment.

In the last century due to industrial revolution human effort is decreasing but machines come with drawbacks. Almost all machines run on electricity generated from Fossil fuels which release immense amount of CO² and other pollutants in the air. These Greenhouse gases are like a blanket around the Earth, trapping energy in the atmosphere and causing it to warm up. We humans have adapted to the stable climate we have enjoyed since the last ice age which ended about 10,000 years ago. A warmer climate can bring unpleasant changes that can affect our agriculture, the natural environment, and even our own health and safety. Simply we won’t survive climate change.

Climate change is considered one of the few things that threaten human life and survival on planet earth. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2010 and 2005 has been the warmest years in recorded history. The earth could warm by an additional about 1.4 degrees centigrade during the 21st century if we fail to reduce emissions from burning fossil fuels. If we talk locally Gilgit Baltistan and chitral are one of the largest supplier of illegal timber exportation in pakistan. This uncontrolled deforestation has severe drawbacks, if it’s not controlled in time our valleys will be hit with severe flash floods as trees contol water ways, our animal life would be destroyed. Our summers would be extremely hot and winters would be unbearably colder.

In a nut shell we need to take part and try to stop climate change. If the earth’s temperatures continue to rise in the future, living things on earth would not survive. If everybody as one take stand and try to end most of the climate changes that are occurring, this world would be a safer place to live on. The earth is our protective ceiling and we need to protect it. As its written in the holy quran "And We made the sky a protected ceiling, but they, from its signs, are turning away.” Sura Al-Anbiyya [21:32].

Two things I consider my passion, Technology, and Climate Action.